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Our smart motor sensor MOTORSENSE is a wireless vibration and temperature sensor. The smart sensor enables a cost-effective condition based maintenance. It provides technicians and facility operators with real-time quantitative information about the health of their rotating machinery. Our smart sensor for motors works for any motors, pumps, generators, turbines, compressors, gear boxes, fans and blowers.



Motor Sense

The MotorSense wireless vibration and temperature sensor enables cost effective, condition-based predictive maintenance by providing technicians and facility operators with real-time quantitative information about the health of their rotating machinery, such as pumps, motors, generators, turbines, compressors, gear boxes, fans and blowers.

Continuous remote monitoring and measurements from MotorSense triaxial sensors in combination with its AI-driven software provide the actionable data needed to schedule maintenance of critical equipment once it is really needed and optimize the overall asset reliability.

The web based monitoring platform MotorSense Connect allows easy access to all data and alarm notifications, which can be individually configured.


How it Works

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    The MotorSense wireless sensors can easily be attached to your critical rotational equipment without interrupting your production. Triaxial vibration and temprature data is collected and transmitted via cloud computing. Additional sensors can be added to the assets in the plant at any time.

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    After a two-week initial learning period for the AI based software, the system will start to predict failures. This process occurs automatically, with no manual operations required. Our vibration engineers also monitor the data from the sensors and combine the data with the AI’s analysis.

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    Prediction results are reported to the users to conduct preventative maintenance. Additionally, the user can observe the data on the web based monitoring platform MotorSense Connect. Early identification and preventative maintenance allow for the problem to be dealt with in a controlled manner. Collected data will be used to reinforce machine learning to improve the AI model and prediction accuracy.


The Benefits

The MotorSense system’s machine learning technology innovatively outperforms any existing asset monitoring technology.

AI Powered
Beyond traditional signal processing technology, our revolutionary AI approach dramatically improves prediction accuracy and cannot be matched by traditional signal processing technology.

Convenience and Compatibility
The MotorSense system works with any motor, regardless of  the manufacturer. The system’s battery powered wireless communication devices can be installed quickly and economically.

Human / Machine Ensemble
Our human vibration expert engineers will collaborate with the AI to generate the most accurate and reliable prediction results.


Downtime Costs

The annual motor failure rate is conservatively estimated at 3-5% per year, and can be up to 12%, as reported. Downtime in a factory is very expensive and, in most instances, exceeds the cost of motor replacement. Almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productive capacity from downtime, and many lose up to 20%.

The MotorSense cost consists of an initial price for the sensor hardware and setup and a periodical subscription fee for the AI software and data monitoring by experts. The detailed price is determined by the amount of sensors and the subscription period.

In a case study at one of our customers 200 MotorSense sensors were installed and the result was monitored for 6 months. During this monitoring period the system predicted three possible motor failures 3 – 4 weeks in advance allowing the engineers to schedule maintenance in the right moment. The cost saving by avoiding the unscheduled downtime by far exceeds the subscription cost of the MotorSense software.


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